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Mystical Experiences 2: Openness and Quan Yin

Mystics of all cultures and traditions since time immemorial have experienced profound connection to something larger than themselves.

Please understand that I am not promoting any particular “religion” here. There is a distinct difference between “religion” and Spirituality. Religions are man made institutions filled with rules and doctrines meant to impose a particular viewpoint or interpretation of agreed upon “sacred’ texts. Participants are expected to live by these rules or be judged harshly. This is not Spirituality. Spirituality is about an individual’s journey of connection to Source and his/her/their own Soul’s expansion and growth, without interference from others.

Now, that being said, certainly there have been “Mystics” who practiced within a particular religion. Mystics are those who experience in a direct and sometimes ecstatic way, that Divine Connection to their Source/Universal Consciousness/Higher Self. Sometimes there are Practices within a religion, that will enhance one’s ability to go Deep within and connect with that Divine Essence. Practices such as Meditation, Singing, Chanting, Dancing, Playing Music, Affirmations, Painting, Prayer etc. These are “Practices” or methods, that people from all traditions have had great success with.

As I have mentioned before, I had much experience with these practices, even as a child. I was brought up within a very Evangelical background, and though I do not ascribe to most of their “doctrines” they did do a lot of singing, meditation and prayer practices. And again, I do not always agree with their brand of worship, but I did find certain songs or the act of being in meditation, to be practices that catapulted me into ecstatic communion with God or an Angel or Yeshua or Mother Mary. I learned a certain Openness to these experiences that was supported or accepted.

But getting back to Mystical Experiences. Besides being Open to these experiences, it is also important to not have expectations for it, because that will create anxiety or limiting beliefs about what should happen. It is best to just blissfully want nothing more than to commune with God or Nature, and to express your Gratitude for all that is. That will keep you within that childlike state of Openness and Wonder.

Have you ever watched a little child play outside? or remember what it was like? They can wander around, finding things to be excited about, every inch of the way, can chase after a butterfly with complete abandon, suddenly come across a puddle, and change gears, jumping in it and finding new things to discover. They might not have a set destination or goal in mind, or if they do, it easily set aside for a new experience.

If you are familiar with the words of Yeshua/Jesus, “the Kingdom of Heaven is within”? And “unless you be like a little child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven”? These words are about being able to Connect/Commune to God/Source/Heaven, within your own Heart and Soul. To not only have Faith that it is possible, but also to be childlike in your Openness to discover and allow the experience to be whatever it may be.

So, For many reasons, I was very much Open to these Mystical experiences growing up and as an adult decided to continue cultivating these practices and experiences. I did choose to look into other “religions” to see what Practices they kept and what wisdom might have been found. I discovered the same practices within all. There have been those who experience Mystical Connection to The Divine in every culture and tradition, who may explain their experiences in different words than I would use, but the Key Wisdoms and Essence of God were the same.

Here is a moving experience I had, “connecting” with the Divine feminine Essence of Compassion, that some traditions call Quan Yin. I was meditating by a small garden fountain and pool of water with intriguing rock formations, that is a stopping point along a path to a Buddhist Temple. I was new to this place and was very much enjoying the tranquility. I decided to offering gratitude to the Divine Feminine Aspect of God, in the form of Quan Yin. As I sat with eyes closed, my Inner Eye suddenly activated and I “saw” Bright Fuschia Sparkles descending from the Temple above, to where I was seated. I felt an Amazing Motherly and Compassionate Presence move all around me as if embracing me. It uplifted my Spirit tremendously, and it was such a deeply moving experience to feel held in that Love and it was beyond any earthly human experience I had ever had. It was incredibly profound, moving me to tears, to know that such Compassionate Love existed.

I have connected to that very same Divine Essence many times through out my life. I have adopted a practice of chanting “Om Mani Padme Hum”, which often will bring about connection to that Presence. Another great experience was when I picked up my first book on the subject of Reiki, an energy healing modality that calls upon the Essence of God to flow through the hands in a specific manner to facilitate healing. As I picked up that first book and opened to a random page, my eyes fell upon the name Quan Yin (as God’s Essence of Compassion) and I spoke it out loud. Immediately, my throat chakra started vibrating exponentially, and opened widely. It was a very physical sensation that startled me and I dropped the book. I had never heard of Reiki before that day but I knew I needed to study that! I studied through three levels of Usui Reiki and then had to wait 6 months before starting to study Karuna Reiki, which works directly with the energy and Presence of Quan Yin, but it was all so worth it! My connection to Quan Yin deepened the quality of my Faith as well as Opening me up to even more Beautiful experiences with The Presence of God in its various qualities and aspects.

Everything that exists is an expression of God. All humans are an expression of God. All of Nature is an expression of God. God created All of it. The various “forms” or “expressions” of God that exist are as individual and unique as snowflakes are, as grains of sand are, as we are. Therefore, everyone’s experience of “God” will be different. So let us have no expectations and let us not judge another person’s experiences, as we would hope to not be judged. Let us All be Open to every conceivable and inconceivable, Beautifully Majestic and Infinite Experience of God.

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“Soul Slow”: Meditation and Mystical Experiences, part 1

Creating and maintaining Soul Level Connections, means “cultivating” a personal relationship with your Soul and with Source.

This requires Slowing Down! Making Time for Meditation, which may include prayer, reflection, reciting Affirmations or Mantras, intentional connection to your Higher Self, an Angel, an Ascended Master, God Source, and perhaps asking a question and sitting in Silence to receive.

Know this, the key to “receiving”, is understanding the principle of Heart Confidence. Your ability to receive from The Heart of Source, or from your Higher Self, is directly related to the level of confidence, the Faith you have, within your Heart, of your Soul’s connection to Source and in the accessibility that you yourself can attain.

Now let’s face it, we all have negative mind chatter. Some of this is old programming from critical voices we internalized from childhood, that may be telling us we are unworthy, unlovable, stupid, delusional, or whatever else. This is why it is so extremely important to have a daily practice of meditation, so you can circumvent your mind and these false beliefs of unworthiness. You may also need to receive Healing sessions, do journaling and Inner Child work, all of which can be beneficial in clearing away what blocks you from Opening your Heart to receive, that place from which all connections to Spirit are found, for it is the Center of The Soul, our very own “Garden of Eden”.

Sometimes we do have a very strong Faith in a particular expression of God, whether that be that there is in fact a “God” or Intelligent Consciousness, or in the Earth as a Living Being and all of Nature as expressions of God. All are valid. Perhaps you believe in Angels and Ascended Masters, or even in just one, such as Jesus/ Yeshua. Spend some time reflecting on where your strongest Faith lies and always begin your “connection” through your Heart, with that.

When you begin to connect regularly, you will find yourself having Mystical experiences, and over time these will Open you to even more and your Faith will increase.

I have had many many Mystical experiences over the course of my lifetime, to Yeshua(Jesus), Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Angels Ariel, Michael, Jeremiel, Raphael, Gabriel, and others, to the Earth as a Living Being, to crystals and animals, to deceased relatives and pets. And while I pretty much always had an Openness to all of it, there are also many times when I have allowed an old program of unworthiness to get in the way and shut me down. This happens to all of us. This is why we pause and look in the Spiritual Tool Box for what may facilitate our healing, or we turn to other Spiritual Guides to gain deeper insights or knowledge that may assist us. I have been Blessed to be surrounded by so many Light Workers in my lifetime and have experienced many many different types of Healing modalities from very gifted people. Just remember that Life is a process. It is a Journey that your Soul is on, so be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Too many times I have been so hard on and overly critical of, myself, (and I know many of you are too) and that serves no purpose.

Recently, after a couple more Inner Child healing sessions, I have experienced a return of some fragmented parts of my childhood and a re-integration of some of the positive Mystical connections I had back then. In a recent post, I talked about how I would sing Christian Praise songs while in the woods. In truth, I always had a very deep Faith in God and in Yeshua(Jesus). My Faith in Yeshua had nothing to do with Christianity or what the Church or my parents taught me. I always had a deep Soul connection to Him. I can remember when my parents first started telling me about “Jesus”…..believe it or not, I was only 2 years old, but I remember distinctly wondering why they were talking to me like I didn’t know who He was, because I most certainly did know! I always had the sense that I “knew” Him from before I was born. Now I did not have the vocabulary or ability to explain any of this, as a child. I also remember feeling His Presence quite clearly as He would sometimes stop by to visit me when I was just on the edge of sleep. And no it was not a “dream” as there is a definite difference.

For much of my young adult life, I tried to ignore this connection to Yeshua, as I became disillusioned by much of the doctrines of the Institution of Christianity and I didn’t know how to reconcile myself to this for awhile. I did enter into many years of study in “New Thought Christianity” which emphasizes the personal relationship of your Soul to God, and also accepts the Wisdom of other Spiritual Traditions. I then in recent years entered into deeper study of connections to the 33 Ascended Masters who assist Humanity. I have now in recent months, come Full Circle, back to Yeshua, through deeper understandings of Faith, of a personal Spirituality, a personal connection to God and to my own Soul. I have to say that my Soul has been rejoicing in this re-integration and acknowledgement of Faith, that sustained me as a child. I feel much more Whole and Complete.

I can say with Confidence from my Heart : ” I Am A Child of God, I Am Light, I Am Love”

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Peace Connections

Peace for me, is about Spirit Connection. Connection to my Soul, connection to my Higher Self, my Spirit Team, The Angels, The Ascended Masters, my own I AM Presence and the Oneness of All That Is.

     Living this human existence, we sometimes forget we have these connections, which if not nurtured, will seem very far away and inaccessible. But it is like any relationship, you need to pay attention to it and nurture it, putting in the time and effort required to keep the connection strong.

     Energy goes to wherever your attention is. I have found that making time and space for daily practices of meditation, singing, toning, walking in Nature and other Spiritual activities that guide me to connect with my Higher Self, are all essential to my Inner Peace and Well Being.

     Looking back across my life, at various times of trials and tribulations, I can see how much these practices have assisted me to keep my Spirit Connections open. Even as a child, I intuitively understood this, as I would often go outside and sit in a tree or find a special stone or make rock paint by a stream, covering my face and arms with simple geometries. I would focus my attention so deeply with everything in Nature. I could feel the energy of the Earth as it flowed into me, uplifting my Spirit. I felt loved and supported. 

     As an adult, I have been so Blessed to study all manner of Spirituality, Metaphysics and Energy Healing, deepening my relationship with my Higher Self, The Angels and The Ascended Masters. When I begin to feel overwhelmed by emotions or circumstances, I know to go within my Heart and connect to the whole Spiritual Retinue around me. They will flood me with unconditional Love. They will lift my vision up higher than where my egoic mind may have taken me. They will connect me to a vision of Oneness and Beauty. From that comes the Peace that Passes All Understanding.

In recent studies with a Spiritual Teacher from Australia, (who’s course “The Path of Light” I am now offering) I have been learning to Channel parts of my Higher Self that are in alignment with Higher Light Vibrations. Here is a message to All, from my Higher Self, “Shuliana” :

Beautiful Ones, we come to share Love with you, for where there is Love, there is Peace. Within this vibration of Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Peace and Bliss, there is nothing that is not a part of God, nothing that God does not Love. There is only that which sits in Love and Truth. This Purity is you, as much as it is me, for there is only One. We are this. We are The Heart of God. We are the Divine. The Breath of the Divine flows thru our Breath. We are Blessed beyond measure. Be at Peace, for All is One. Be at Peace for you are already at Home in the Heart of God. Be at Peace for All is Light. All is Love. All is God. You are The Illumination of God. You are The Beauty of God. You are The Dwelling Place of God! We are this! In Oneness, we are this. Be Peace Now.

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“Flow” requires “Letting Go”

To be in the “Flow” of Life, requires a lot of “letting go”. Letting go of: expectations; of people; of situations; of places; of fear; of beliefs; of a self identity; of needing to be in control; of needing other’s approval; of needing the world to look a certain way; of “The Story”, whatever that is, that we cling to.

“ Letting Go” however, is a process. You may have to re-visit letting go of the same issue more than once. Each time that you do, know that it does get a little bit easier. You may call this “healing” or “growing”. Visualize this process as a spiral. Each time that you experience “letting go”, you move incrementally forward on that spiral. The spiral will keep moving around and up, level after level. So you may re-visit letting go of the same or similar issues as you progress to the next level. You will go deeper into the issue, deeper into the hidden beliefs you hold, deeper into residual emotions, deeper into yourself.

You will move at your own pace. It may be slower or faster than the person next to you. It’s all totally O.K. Don’t even look at the others. You are Uniquely You and your Journey is Uniquely your own.

And listen, sometimes I am notoriously bad at letting go. But when I do, I feel the difference at a Soul level. I feel my connection to my Higher Self deepen.

Somewhere along the way in my life, I developed the ability to step outside of myself. Most of the time, I am aware of when I am stuck in “the story”, of when I am looking outside of myself for approval. Sometimes my emotions are quite Huge and I just have to allow myself the time to feel and process these emotions before I am able to do the “letting go“ part. I allow it to be what it is. I feel the pain, I feel the anger. I use all the Spiritual Tools that I have learned over the years and call in my Spirit Team for assistance. Sometimes I experience great success at letting go of a negative self identity, of letting go of a limiting belief that has been holding me back, of providing my Inner Child/Ego Self with the Love and Nurturance that she thought she didn’t have.

Sometimes I will re-visit the same issue months or years later, as healing and growth are a process. But I can look back across the years and see my progress and see that I have come much further than I thought. So I stop and celebrate. I stop and appreciate the journey. I stop and smell the proverbial roses. I honor myself; I honor the journey; I honor my Higher Self and councils of Light, the Angels, my Spirit Team, all those in the non physical realms who I know are supporting me. Knowing I have that support is HUGE. That is what gives me the courage and the ability to move forward. Strengthening those connections is essential. That is the only way I am able to do this thing called Life.

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“Soul Flow” : Synchronicity and Trust

If we are going to talk about “Flow”, then we must talk about Synchronicity and Trust.

If you can learn to relax and let go of expectations for Life, let go of needing to know everything Right Now, you will open to the Flow and Synchronicity of The Universe, of Your Higher Self, of Your Soul. This requires us to step into Trust, that each moment indeed has layers of synchronicities and is part of “The Plan” for us, for our Journey.

Most of the time you will not see these Synchronicities until months or even years later, and then suddenly something snaps into sharp focus and clarity and you can see the thread that flows back to previous moments, sometimes across your whole Life. It is in these moments of clarity that you will be filled with awe at the Universe. In those moments, you suddenly know that the Universe does indeed have your back, does indeed support you and that you are very much loved, because there is an intelligent design behind everything.

The more you can surrender to the Flow of Life, the more these synchronicities will become apparent. It can be from seemingly small things or from huge realizations, but all of it will inspire gratitude and bring you back to a place of Trust.

I could share oodles of examples, but I will just share a couple:

I’ll start with a simple example: The photo I chose for the previous post. I took that photo three years ago, for no particular reason other than i thought it was a cool arraignment that I had on a sideboard, of one of my pencil drawings and a Buddha Board. After I wrote the previous post, I thought I would search my photo gallery for something with either art or water in it. I came across that photo and it fit perfectly for the theme of “creativity” and “flow” and I even noticed that the watery image on the Buddha Board had a heart shape on it which also fit the concept of having an Open Heart or living in the “flow” of Life with an Open Heart. Perfect!

I have also found that many of the Art works I create often have layers of meanings that don’t reveal themselves for years. Many of them I am only recently coming to understand more fully, due to the Spiritual Studies I have been engaging in for the past several years, with a teacher from Australia. In my “Shop” section you will see the course, “Path of Light” that was Channeled by her, from the Ascended Masters.

It is interesting how I came to learn of her work. Firstly, I will share that when I was much younger, and searching for deeper Spiritual knowledge, I asked The Universe to help me find a teacher of very High Vibration, and had to be Female, as I knew I would not respond well to any male teachers (that’s just me). Well the Universe actually sent me several very wonderful female teachers, some of whom became very close friends. From one, I learned two forms of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy, which were deeply healing for me and began to Open me up to higher vibrations. That teacher has become very near and dear to my Heart. She at some point introduced me to a woman who had just opened a Spiritual Center and Art Gallery in my town, and we became fast friends. She in turn introduced me to so many other people in the both the Spiritual and Art communities. And One of whom became another very dear friend who happened to be studying with a teacher in Australia, and later became an Instructor for her work, which of course I took!

I can look back now and see all these threads weaving through all of these experiences and pivotal moments, And Life Changing friendships, all Synchronicities, leading me to exactly where I am now! And in just that one thread of my life there are layers upon layers of synchronicities that I can’t even begin to explain it all!

Now I am not saying that I haven’t struggled with letting Life Flow, because I certainly have had my share of difficulties the same as everyone else, and many years of re-visiting my woundedness and shadow aspects. But, there were enough times when I did return to my Heart Center and when I did surrender to what was, and that allowed for all of that “Flow” to happen for me. Which brings me back to a place of humbleness and gratitude and awe!

What are some of the Synchronicities in your Life?

Here’s another one, from my college days and one that I was in resistance to, but the Universe kept re-directing me until I got the message!

As a Freshman applicant to college, I submitted my Art Portfolio to The Fine Arts Department. This is standard procedure, and an applicants Portfolio must be reviewed and accepted by the Department Chair.

Well, the college informed me that my portfolio was lost. So I went to speak with the Director of The Fine Arts Dept, who hunted around for it and eventually discovered it in the Arts Education office. So it was recovered and I was accepted into Fine Arts. However, I was always filled with anxiety over what Career choice to make. I thought maybe I could be a Photo Journalist, then I shifted to Graphic Designer. However, it became increasingly clear that i did not feel at home with it and something was missing. Meanwhile, several people had suggested Art Education, and I kept saying, “never’. Eventually I went to visit an Art classroom in my hometown and realized that maybe I had been wrong and i should give it a chance. from the moment I took my first Education class, I “knew” I had found where I belonged.

So you see, The Universe was trying to provide the Synchronicity that was right for me, and I didn’t want to see it or accept it at first, but eventually I did take that leap of Faith!

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“Soul Flow”: Creative Living

“ Man is all Imagination. God is in Man and exists in all of us and we in Him…..the Eternal Body of Man is The Imagination, that is, God Himself.” ——-William Blake

The Nature of the Soul is to be Creative. Our Divine Inheritance is Creativity. The Divine wishes to express itself through you.

What are you Growing, Manifesting, Intending, Becoming?

What are you Passionate about?

What does it mean to you, to live a Creative Life?

Be curious about the everything. Be Open to exploring new ideas, be Open to being Inspired by others. Create from your Heart Space, things that have value and meaning for you.

Here are 7 Ways to Focus and utilize the Theme of Creativity: Which one Sparks your Interest and what does the Title mean to You?

1) Creativity as Play/Exploration

2) Creativity as a Way to Open to Spirit

3) Creativity as a Balance between Discipline and Surrender

4) Creativity for Self Discovery/Expression

5) Creativity as a Tool for Growth

6) Creativity as a Tool for Healing

7) Creativity as a Tool for Problem Solving

Your Ability to Create is intimately connected to your intention to matter. If you don’t think that you, your ideas, or your work matter, you won’t commit to a Creative Practice.


“I AM a Vibrant Being, Full of Life, Joy, Peace and Compassion. I embrace the present Moment. I reflect my Inner Heart. I inspire others to let their fullest Light Shine Bright. I Create because my Soul is Free.”