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“Path of Light” Course, Starting January 10th!

Beautiful Soul, Give yourself a very special Self Care Gift for The New Year, by enrolling in The Path of Light! New Start Time of January 10th!!!Registration is now Open!

Receive Powerful Activations from 33 Ascended Masters!

Learn to work with Spiritual Tools that assist you to embrace and release Shadow Aspects, Fear and Limitation.

This is a Soulful process of Self Mastery that begins with The Path of Light and continues over three levels, called “The Master’s Way”. These courses activate the threefold Flame of your Consciousness.

The Course was created by In’easa mabu Ishtar, who is an embodied Ascended Master Channel. Ishtar will Channel for you, who your three oversouling Masters are, for this lifetime. You will develop a deeper relationship with these Ascended Masters and come into greater depth of understanding of your Soul’s Mission and Purpose.

Registration is Open Now! Seating is limited, so book your spot quickly!

Go to the “Shop” and click on “The Path of Light” for more details and registration!

See you soon Beloved Hearts!