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Peace Connections

Peace for me, is about Spirit Connection. Connection to my Soul, connection to my Higher Self, my Spirit Team, The Angels, The Ascended Masters, my own I AM Presence and the Oneness of All That Is.

     Living this human existence, we sometimes forget we have these connections, which if not nurtured, will seem very far away and inaccessible. But it is like any relationship, you need to pay attention to it and nurture it, putting in the time and effort required to keep the connection strong.

     Energy goes to wherever your attention is. I have found that making time and space for daily practices of meditation, singing, toning, walking in Nature and other Spiritual activities that guide me to connect with my Higher Self, are all essential to my Inner Peace and Well Being.

     Looking back across my life, at various times of trials and tribulations, I can see how much these practices have assisted me to keep my Spirit Connections open. Even as a child, I intuitively understood this, as I would often go outside and sit in a tree or find a special stone or make rock paint by a stream, covering my face and arms with simple geometries. I would focus my attention so deeply with everything in Nature. I could feel the energy of the Earth as it flowed into me, uplifting my Spirit. I felt loved and supported. 

     As an adult, I have been so Blessed to study all manner of Spirituality, Metaphysics and Energy Healing, deepening my relationship with my Higher Self, The Angels and The Ascended Masters. When I begin to feel overwhelmed by emotions or circumstances, I know to go within my Heart and connect to the whole Spiritual Retinue around me. They will flood me with unconditional Love. They will lift my vision up higher than where my egoic mind may have taken me. They will connect me to a vision of Oneness and Beauty. From that comes the Peace that Passes All Understanding.

In recent studies with a Spiritual Teacher from Australia, (who’s course “The Path of Light” I am now offering) I have been learning to Channel parts of my Higher Self that are in alignment with Higher Light Vibrations. Here is a message to All, from my Higher Self, “Shuliana” :

Beautiful Ones, we come to share Love with you, for where there is Love, there is Peace. Within this vibration of Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Peace and Bliss, there is nothing that is not a part of God, nothing that God does not Love. There is only that which sits in Love and Truth. This Purity is you, as much as it is me, for there is only One. We are this. We are The Heart of God. We are the Divine. The Breath of the Divine flows thru our Breath. We are Blessed beyond measure. Be at Peace, for All is One. Be at Peace for you are already at Home in the Heart of God. Be at Peace for All is Light. All is Love. All is God. You are The Illumination of God. You are The Beauty of God. You are The Dwelling Place of God! We are this! In Oneness, we are this. Be Peace Now.

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