Tending the Garden of Your Soul: Classes & Services

Welcome! Check out below the various classes and services offered. Feel free to email me and ask questions about any of it. Classes can be done individually or for a group. At this time, all classes and healing sessions are being done on line, via Zoom.

We are Beings of Light experiencing how to Create our Reality. We each have councils of Light that assist us and support us throughout our journey. We can ask for their help at any time and they will be ready to support our Soul’ s growth. And how wonderful to be here upon this Magnificent Earth,  to learn and grow. All of Nature and Mother Gaia herself,  is here to teach us, to heal us, and to evolve with us. We are truely Blessed to be surrounded by so much Love! A Living Love, that will guide and direct,  that will uplift our Hearts and assist us to manifest the Beauty and Divine Nature of Our Soul, the Miraculous Magnificense of our Being!

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* GeoMythic Rivers of Light Energy Healing Session: My own Unique blend of Reiki, I.E.T. And Shamanic Journey. Much like a Guided Meditation. $100 (Can be done Distant. Aprox 40-50 min.)

*Shamanic Soul Journey: I will guide you to meet Spirit Guides or do a Soul Retreival. $100 for 45 minute session, plus a written description.

*Visionary Art Prints: Multi Media Art, meant to inspire, and use for meditation. Printed on metal, so the colors are vibrant. Ready to hang. Shipping included in price. Guided Meditation included with all art purchases. Meditation will be delivered to you via email.

*Art Therapy: For anyone of any age, looking to deepen their connections to The Inner Self, their psyche, their soul, their deepest emotions, shadow aspects, wounded aspects, subconscious and unconscious mind. Benefits of sessions include: Transforming negative thoughts, exploring one’s emotions, healing trauma, developing self esteem, self control, stronger identity, uncovering courage and passion for life. It is an alternative language and self expression when words are not adequate. It assists in relieving depression, anxiety, stress, and assists in maintaining better mental health. It has been shown to have positive affects for Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder, and addictions. Sessions are one hour, and for the utmost benefits, it is suggested to commit to several sessions. No Art skills are required, as that is not the goal. We will of course discuss working with various different Art mediums, such as watercolor, pen, color pencils, markers, collage materials, etc. and utilizing a sketchbook/Journal.

*Magdalene Channel Session: This will be a session of Channeled Wisdom and very High Vibrations of Light and Love to assist with what your soul is in need of at this moment in time. Session is done on Zoom, and will be between 30-40 minutes.

* Courses:

Healing with The Angels”© ( $8 for Manual; $20 per class meeting)

Meets 9 times, for 1-2 hrs. (Work with Angels: Ariel, Gabriel, Raphael, Faith, Daniel, Casielle, Celestina, Michael)

Path of Light” © by In’easa Mabu Ishtar (1st course of three, of “The Master’s Way”© program, though you do not need to take the other two.)

                    Class meets 35 times; approx 1 yr. About 3 times a month, 2 hr. class.

$250 for Manual which can be purchased on Ishtar’s website: ishtarmasterchannel.com . This will be in addition to my cost listed here in next paragraph, as the Teacher/Facilitator. The Manual includes Channeled Activations, Wisdom Teachings from 33 Ascended Masters and Light Technology Tools and guidance. Channeled by In’easa Mabu Ishtar. Also included are what three Ascended Masters are assigned to assist you in this Life. Please Purchase the Manual from Ishtar’s website: ishtarmasterchannel.com

…….In addition: $15 per class meeting. You can purchase the class in my Shop as a complete payment of $525. Please also email me to let me know you are signing up for the class, or if you have any questions. My email is: cyanowl11@yahoo.com

Manual contains: Channeled messages and Activations from 33 Ascended Masters,Tools to assist with clearing energy blocks, protection, mantras for meditation, Q & A with The Ascended Masters; Chapters of Metaphysical Knowledge; 31 Lessons with Questions that the student uses for Self Reflection and Discussion.

“Path of Love” : Year Two of “The Master’s Way” Program by In’easa Mabu Ishtar. Prerequisite is the completion of “Path of Light”. This course will continue your journey with the Ascended Masters.

The Path of Love is a deep and profound journey into the heart of you. It teaches you how to come into loving embrace of yourself through three very important steps. The first step is to acknowledge and honor all that you are. The second step is to accept all that you are – shadow and the light. The third step is to embrace the master self within and follow its guidance.

The Path of Love opens you to the energy of creation that is in abundance all around you. It asks you to accept the divine within you and to honor the divine all around you. This path asks you to let go all the stories that you are attached to that create separation in your life. It is on this path that you begin to see all the possibilities that are open for you and come to know that each choice you make brings you close to your divine power.The Path of Love is a deep path of self discovery and when you walk this path with a group of like-minded students you are deeply supported as you share together. The Path of Love is the road home to all that you are.

The Path of Love student package includes:

390-page manual with audio files of all lessons

A welcome letter with your personal focus for this level of the course. In most cases your 3 Masters remain the same for this level as for the Path of Light.

33 Lessons on the Path of Love from the Ascended Masters including Lady Mary, Lord Maitreya, Divine Mother, Quan Yin, Lord Buddha, Saint Germain, Lady Venus, Lady Nada, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Kuthumi and others.

All lessons are also supplied as an MP3 audio file via a dropbox link to download the files PLUS extra meditations to assist and support you.

Each lesson has an outline of the Key Teachings at the beginning and an interactive Student Worksheet to finish. Your cells, DNA, aspects, monads and energy bodies will be highly activated as you work with this manual. A suggested regime for working with this course is offered in the manual.13 personal chapters written by Ishtar about her experiences on the Path of Love with practical information and guidance to follow. 17 Chapters with Tools of Assistance including – Power of the Mind, Monads and Souls, The Light Body, Seven Lower Bodies, Five Higher Bodies, The Chakras, 12 Universal Rays, Karma, Universal Laws, Basic Energy Work, Resolving Aspects, Light Technology, Ascended Master Tools, Decrees, and Affirmations, Power of Mantras. 64 channelled answers to questions you have always wanted to ask the Ascended Masters.

“Path of Mystery”: Year Three of “The Master’s Way” Program, created by In’easa Mabu Ishtar. Prerequisite is completion of Levels 1 & 2 (Path of Light & Path of Love). The Path of Mystery is the path of Surrender, yet it is also the path of power- for when you walk this path you fully surrender to the power of God within. It is on this journey that you step more deeply into the abyss of The Divine Self and return to the True Heart within. Some may call this “coming home” and yet it is to be understood that coming home needs no long journey to another place. To come “home” means journeying to the very heart of the Divine Self that is within. It is already who and what you are.

Purchase the Manual separately from Ishtar’s website: ishtarmasterchannel.com which will be aproximately $200. Then here with me, in my “Shop” you will purchase the year long class. My fee as Teacher/Facilitator is $500 for the year. If you wish to pay monthly, please email me and we will set up a payment plan. My email is: cyaowl11@yahoo.com

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Joy Shuliana Sophia Sharanam