Tending the Garden of Your Soul: Classes & Services

Welcome! Check out below the various classes and services offered. Feel free to email me and ask questions about any of it. Classes can be done individually or for a group. At this time, all classes and healing sessions are being done on line, via GoToMeeting or Skype.

We are Beings of Light experiencing how to Create our Reality. We each have councils of Light that assist us and support us throughout our journey. We can ask for their help at any time and they will be ready to support our Soul’ s growth. And how wonderful to be here upon this Magnificent Earth,  to learn and grow. All of Nature and Mother Gaia herself,  is here to teach us, to heal us, and to evolve with us. We are truely Blessed to be surrounded by so much Love! A Living Love, that will guide and direct,  that will uplift our Hearts and assist us to manifest the Beauty and Divine Nature of Our Soul, the Miraculous Magnificense of our Being!

My Bio:

* Studied Shamanism under Hank Wessleman, an Author and International Shaman. I learned Healing by working with animal, nature, and ancestral Spirit Guides. Also learned “Soul Retrieval” as a part of that, which is retrieving lost soul fragments that fracture off and leave us when we go thru trauma or hardships or addictions or any sense of “loss”.

*Ministerial Ordination, in Metaphysical Studies, from the University of Sedona. This means I can Marry, do Funerals, Give Counseling, teach Meditation.

*Certified Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy©. This is an Energy Healing Modality Channeled by Steven Thayer, from Arch Angel Ariel. I can do individual healing sessions, working with Angelic energies, “getting the issues out of the tissues” of the body, which tends to hold onto all kinds of stuck energy. This is similar in some ways to Reiki. I also can teach several Angel classes: “Healing with The Angels”, ” Integrated Energy Steps to Transformation” , and “Higher Steps”.

*Certified Master Instructor of Usui Reiki and Karuna© Reiki. Energy Healing, working with Divine Consciousness/Universal Energy to facilitate healing on the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual levels.

*Certified Instructor for “The Masters Way” © program, which is three courses of Metaphysical/Spiritual Study, for the Soul’s Growth, assisting on the Path of Ascension, assisting in the releasing of karma,  providing tools of Light Technology,  Guidance from the 33 Ascended Masters and so much more. These courses are each a year long, and include Activations and Tools from Ascended Masters, journaling and intense Self Reflection. This program was Channeled from the 33 Ascended Masters, by In’easa Mabu Ishtar. Her website is ishtarmasterchannel.com

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* GeoMythic Rivers of Light Energy Healing Session: My own Unique blend of Reiki, I.E.T. And Shamanic Journey. Much like a Guided Meditation. $50. (Can be done Distant. Aprox 40-50 min.)

*Spiritual Counseling : $20 for 40 min.

* Custom Healing Mandala Art with Mantra:  $50 (to assist with currently needed Healing)

* Custom Soul Portrait Art: $50 (tapping into Past Lives)

*Dream Interpretation: email me your dream and I will provide an interpretation via email, at cyanowl11@yahoo.com $30 per dream

* Courses I Offer: 

               1) “Healing with The Angels”© ( $8 for Manual; $20 per class meeting)

Meets 9 times, for 1-2 hrs. (Work with Angels: Ariel, Gabriel, Raphael, Faith, Daniel, Casielle, Celestina, Michael)

                    2) “Steps to Transformation”,© Steps 1-7:    ($8 for Manual; $20 per class 

                         1: Angelic heartlink

                          2: Activate your 12 strand DNA

                           3: Clear Your Karma

                            4: Achieve true Forgiveness

                             5: Empower your Heart

                              6: Journey to a Future Lifetime

                               7: Cut Cords of Co-Dependency

3) “Higher Steps”© , Steps 8-14. ($8 for Manual; $20 per class)

                          8: Grid Healing

                           9: Pure Joy

                            10: Compassion

                             11:  Homecoming

                              12:  Unity in Action

                                13:  Ascension

                                  14:  Being Love

                 4) “Path of Light” © by In’easa Mabu Ishtar (1st course of three, of “The Master’s Way”© program, though you do not need to take the other two.)

                    Class meets 35 times; approx 1 yr. About 3 times a month, 2 hr. class.

$180 for Manual and Custom Channeled Message from In’easa Mabu Ishtar, which includes what three Ascended Masters are assigned to assist you in this Life. …….In addition: $10 per class meeting.

Manual contains: Channeled messages and Activations from 33 Ascended Masters,Tools to assist with clearing energy blocks, protection, mantras for meditation, Q & A with The Ascended Masters; Chapters of Metaphysical Knowledge; 31 Lessons with Questions that the student uses for Self Reflection and Discussion.

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Joy Shuliana Sophia Sharanam