We are Beings of Light experiencing how to Create our Reality. We each have councils of Light that assist us and support us throughout our journey. We can ask for their help at any time and they will be ready to support our Soul’ s growth. And how wonderful to be here upon this Magnificent Earth,  to learn and grow. All of Nature and Mother Gaia herself,  is here to teach us, to heal us, and to evolve with us. We are truely Blessed to be surrounded by so much Love! A Living Love, that will guide and direct,  that will uplift our Hearts and assist us to manifest the Beauty and Divine Nature of Our Soul, the Miraculous Magnificense of our Being

There are a wide range of classes and services, from learning about Angels to opportunities to explore and learn more about your Soul’s Path, to learning new Tools to Assist you in these challenging times. You can also choose to have a custom Mandala created for Healing or Ascension Assistance, or a custom Soul Portrait to connect more deeply to your Past and integrate all aspects of yourself in the Now!

Please click on the product names below, to visit description page for further details! Enjoy!

All Classes will be Online, usually on GoToMeeting. Link will be sent to you once we set up class dates. After purchase, please email me:

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results