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“Soul Flow” : Synchronicity and Trust

If we are going to talk about “Flow”, then we must talk about Synchronicity and Trust.

If you can learn to relax and let go of expectations for Life, let go of needing to know everything Right Now, you will open to the Flow and Synchronicity of The Universe, of Your Higher Self, of Your Soul. This requires us to step into Trust, that each moment indeed has layers of synchronicities and is part of “The Plan” for us, for our Journey.

Most of the time you will not see these Synchronicities until months or even years later, and then suddenly something snaps into sharp focus and clarity and you can see the thread that flows back to previous moments, sometimes across your whole Life. It is in these moments of clarity that you will be filled with awe at the Universe. In those moments, you suddenly know that the Universe does indeed have your back, does indeed support you and that you are very much loved, because there is an intelligent design behind everything.

The more you can surrender to the Flow of Life, the more these synchronicities will become apparent. It can be from seemingly small things or from huge realizations, but all of it will inspire gratitude and bring you back to a place of Trust.

I could share oodles of examples, but I will just share a couple:

I’ll start with a simple example: The photo I chose for the previous post. I took that photo three years ago, for no particular reason other than i thought it was a cool arraignment that I had on a sideboard, of one of my pencil drawings and a Buddha Board. After I wrote the previous post, I thought I would search my photo gallery for something with either art or water in it. I came across that photo and it fit perfectly for the theme of “creativity” and “flow” and I even noticed that the watery image on the Buddha Board had a heart shape on it which also fit the concept of having an Open Heart or living in the “flow” of Life with an Open Heart. Perfect!

I have also found that many of the Art works I create often have layers of meanings that don’t reveal themselves for years. Many of them I am only recently coming to understand more fully, due to the Spiritual Studies I have been engaging in for the past several years, with a teacher from Australia. In my “Shop” section you will see the course, “Path of Light” that was Channeled by her, from the Ascended Masters.

It is interesting how I came to learn of her work. Firstly, I will share that when I was much younger, and searching for deeper Spiritual knowledge, I asked The Universe to help me find a teacher of very High Vibration, and had to be Female, as I knew I would not respond well to any male teachers (that’s just me). Well the Universe actually sent me several very wonderful female teachers, some of whom became very close friends. From one, I learned two forms of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy, which were deeply healing for me and began to Open me up to higher vibrations. That teacher has become very near and dear to my Heart. She at some point introduced me to a woman who had just opened a Spiritual Center and Art Gallery in my town, and we became fast friends. She in turn introduced me to so many other people in the both the Spiritual and Art communities. And One of whom became another very dear friend who happened to be studying with a teacher in Australia, and later became an Instructor for her work, which of course I took!

I can look back now and see all these threads weaving through all of these experiences and pivotal moments, And Life Changing friendships, all Synchronicities, leading me to exactly where I am now! And in just that one thread of my life there are layers upon layers of synchronicities that I can’t even begin to explain it all!

Now I am not saying that I haven’t struggled with letting Life Flow, because I certainly have had my share of difficulties the same as everyone else, and many years of re-visiting my woundedness and shadow aspects. But, there were enough times when I did return to my Heart Center and when I did surrender to what was, and that allowed for all of that “Flow” to happen for me. Which brings me back to a place of humbleness and gratitude and awe!

What are some of the Synchronicities in your Life?

Here’s another one, from my college days and one that I was in resistance to, but the Universe kept re-directing me until I got the message!

As a Freshman applicant to college, I submitted my Art Portfolio to The Fine Arts Department. This is standard procedure, and an applicants Portfolio must be reviewed and accepted by the Department Chair.

Well, the college informed me that my portfolio was lost. So I went to speak with the Director of The Fine Arts Dept, who hunted around for it and eventually discovered it in the Arts Education office. So it was recovered and I was accepted into Fine Arts. However, I was always filled with anxiety over what Career choice to make. I thought maybe I could be a Photo Journalist, then I shifted to Graphic Designer. However, it became increasingly clear that i did not feel at home with it and something was missing. Meanwhile, several people had suggested Art Education, and I kept saying, “never’. Eventually I went to visit an Art classroom in my hometown and realized that maybe I had been wrong and i should give it a chance. from the moment I took my first Education class, I “knew” I had found where I belonged.

So you see, The Universe was trying to provide the Synchronicity that was right for me, and I didn’t want to see it or accept it at first, but eventually I did take that leap of Faith!

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