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Movement: Dance, Yoga or Any Way You Want!

I started learning Modern Dance as a youngster and fell in love with being able to sway or move in connection to music that stirred my Soul.

Living in NYC has the benefit of access to many cultural experiences. The Alvin Ailey Dance College has had for many years a Community Dance Program for kids, which I was so fortunate to experience as a young teen. I believe in the benefits of movement of any type, as most people will certainly agree.

Yoga is also a deeply wonderful addition to any Spiritual Practice and as an Adult I have taken classes in Kundalini Yoga, which I highly recommend!

Many years ago, I was introduced to Ancient Shakti Dance, which actually shares many of the same movements as Kundalini Yoga, except of course, you are moving as a dancer.

Ancient Shakti Dance (in the vernacular, “Belly Dance”….a very Hollywood Americanized term) when approached with a more Spiritual intent, can be similar to the Sufi Spiritual ecstatic trance dance, in that the dancer is seeking communion with the Spiritual Divine Energy of God. This is seen as very Sacred and as a Beautiful way of Honoring and embodying the energy of All of Creation.

“Shakti” or “power” or “empowerment”, the active Creation Force of Shiva, is The Primordial Cosmic Energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire Universe. This power is responsible for Creation. It’s qualities are Change and Liberation.

The dance has its roots in very ancient India, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Turkey, but has of course spread to most cultures, who each have their own Folk versions. There are many ancient depictions on wall art, of female dancers. And by the way, there are many male dances in other cultures who do this form of dance quite well, with of course a more masculine expression of certain movements.

In recent deep mediation, I was transported back to a Lifetime I had in Ancient Lemuria, where I was dancing to Honor Mother Earth. I have also had similar meditations transporting me to Ancient Egypt, where I danced in Honor of the Goddess Hathor. Often, things we are interested in, in this life, are things we have done in past lives.

Shakti Dance utilizes patterns of Sacred Geometry. The Circle, The figure 8, a Wave, A Spiral, and Vibrations.

By moving our bodies in these patterns, we awaken the Divine Feminine Creation Energy within us, on a cellular level.

Our Souls are an Active, Creative Hologram of Divinity.

You do not need any formal training, however, to move your body. Just move intuitively or in response to uplifting instrumental music (no words). All forms of movement when approached with an attitude of playfulness and creative expression, will create a sense of Well Being and Harmony.

No matter how you do it, just move your body and get your “Soul Glow” on!

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Sound is the basis for All that is. Whether you look at Science or Native Spiritual Wisdoms or Religions, you will see the story of sound.

Native American Visionary, Joseph Rael, teaches that sound is what created Time. And Time is the power to crystallize Awareness so that manifestation can find placement.

Sound is the first phenomenon. In Tiwa language, “poh” means blowing breath and it also means sound. It is said that sound has a physical character, a mental, emotional and Spiritual character.

Imagery came after Sound, to fill in the first circle of Light. Sound can create Light. “Sonoluminescence” is the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid, when excited by sound. An intense amount of energy is created by this process. Sound Pulses can travel at velocities faster than the speed of Light and are Infinite.

Without imagery, (or dreaming) and sound, matter cannot be created.

Scientifically, Sound is Energy that is Vibrating, pulsing, and making waves, on different levels of density and frequency. Everything that exists, is made up of patterns of frequency.

Our Life Force will react to and adjust to, every stimulus or force that it is being exposed to, within the body, mind, emotions or spirit. We will come into resonance with the Highest Frequencies that are around us.

Science confirms that energy and matter interplay in massive EMF electro-dynamic fields that are measurable in terms of waveforms, frequency, wavelength and amplitude. The same electromagnetic fields and substances that move throughout the cosmos, also move through our own bodies.

Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are projected frequencies that affect our bodies, our well being and move out into the world to create ripples that can affect other people.

“Sound Waves” are amplifiers of intention. Waves carry our thoughts. What are we thinking?

From many different cultural backgrounds come traditions and wisdom based around the idea of vocalizing, sounding, playing instruments, to raise Personal Vibrations. Energy Healers use both sound and imagery to facilitate bringing the body, mind and spirit back into resonance with health and well being. Some will simply sound the name of the body part while visualizing it as whole and healthy, directing through intention. Energy follows intention.

When we raise our Personal Frequencies, we send those ripples out into the world which will affect the collective and the earth.

Through prayer, chanting, singing, positive affirmations, loving thoughts, non judgmental thoughts, words and expressions, we can and do make a powerful difference in the world!

“A Call to Joy” : (Affirmations)

“ I call to my Blissful Soul, to The Sacred Radiant Heart Inside. I let go of fear and lack. I Embrace EASE and GRACE ! I Rise Up, on Wings of Joy!”

“ I Connect Deeply to my Heart and Soul and Allow my True Nature, as a Being of Light, to Flow Out through me and into The World, bringing Waves of Light, Peace and Joy”

Words have Power. Think about the words you use, before you speak them. Be aware of your thoughts and re-direct them to positivity. Reach for the deeper meaning of each word. Engage with its emotional quality. Be Present with the Power and Energy of each word.

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“Soul Glow”: Utilizing Meditation, Mantra and Movement.

To establish that Inner Glow of Peace and Joy, means being able to greet the day with equanimity, centered within your Heart Space, tuned in to Higher Frequencies, connected to your Higher Self’s guidance, able to catch your negative mind thoughts quickly and re-focus on the Presence of The Light within your Heart and Soul.

Much of this involves being aware of your mind habits and having the ability to re-focus. Our body and our responses to the outer world will fall in line with the mind’s thoughts.

So, how do we SHIFT from the lower ego mind into alignment with the Higher Mind, or God Presence, or Christ Mind, or Inner Light? It’s not important what label you give to that Inner Presence. (It’s not important if you follow Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, New Age Spiritual Thought, or anything else…..those are just man made labels from different cultures or groups of people……different ways of talking about the same exact things. )

The important thing is, how do we move into alignment with Peace, Joy and Equanimity? How do we live a more Heart Centered Life?

That Inner Presence, that Higher Mind, is available to us all, and dwells within the Spiritual Heart. The seat of the Soul. Our Soul connects all the way back to Source, to The Great Mystery. But we have to be the ones to intentionally connect with it.

To place ourselves into that Space, it is important to establish Daily Rituals that will get us there.

My suggestions to facilitate this are: In the morning, shortly after arising, do some type of movement, such as dance or yoga, for 10-30 minutes. Meditate between 20-60 minutes. If you have a busy mind, as I do, try toning or singing mantras.

It is great to start with “OM’. This is the sound or “vibration” of Universal Source. Breathe in deep and slow and sound on the out breath, trying to sustain the sound a bit. Make sure to also sustain the “mmmm” part at the end of the sound, don’t just cut it off as soon as you close your mouth. The “mmm” at the end is keeping that vibration inside of your body, just for you! The beginning “oooooo” part is you allowing the vibration of God Source to flow through you and out into the world.

Different Sounds contain different frequencies. “Mantras” are tried and true sound vibrations of very High Frequency. It’s not necessarily about the words, but about the Frequencies they carry.

Feel free to use what works for you. Although I mainly use Mantras, such as the ones I’ll tell you about in a minute, or “OM”, when I was a teenager, I loved to spend time alone in the woods and often sang Christian Praise songs, because that was all I knew about at that time. If you desire to do that, just keep the focus on Peace, Love and Joy, remembering the purpose is Upliftment. There are many Nuances of The Presence of God Source, nuances of “vibration” contained within the sounds. Remember, Light moves with and thru sound. When we talk about “God”, we are also talking about Light. Maybe try using some of the the ancient names of God, such as : Elo-ha, Elohim,, Alahu, Yod Hey Vovhey, El Shaddai, El-Elyon Na Adonai, Er-kamka Na Adonai, Le Olam Adonai

Mantras” to try:

OM Mani Padme Hum” ( Praise to The Jewel in The Lotus) The Lotus is a symbol of the Highest Attainment of Enlightenment, of Divine Love and Compassion. It is excellent for shifting your mind out of the lower, limited, distracted mind, up to the “Mind of God”, or of “Christ Consciousness” if you prefer, or to “Universal Oneness” if you prefer. I started using this Mantra 30 years ago and it’s essence is powerful and Pure. It truly calls in The Presence of Divine Compassion.

OM Tara Tuttara Ture Soha”. (Tara is the Mother of All Buddhas) Again, this calls forth the Divine Essence and Presence of Compassion, as a Motherly Energy, who comes to relieve us of physical, emotional and spiritual suffering. This Mantra has been recommended by The Dali Lama.

Get Your “Soul Glow” On!

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Letting Go, and Stepping forward, Face to The Sun!

Life…..Sometimes quite difficult and challenging, is it not? Sometimes quite Beautiful and Miraculous.

Given the slower pace of Life right now, due to world wide concerns over the Corona Virus, There has been much more Time.

Time for deep reflection, Time for deep Stillness. Time to consider what is truly important in life. Time for letting go. Letting go of old habits of mind, letting go of unnecessary Self Judgments, shedding what is no longer needful, leaving all that behind, like a discarded snake skin left on the path behind me, as I step slowly, yet purposefully forward. I am not completely sure of all the nuances of who this new me is, but I have my face turned toward the Sun and I embrace this process of Becomingness. Becoming more of “me” as I surrender to The Great Mystery, that unfathomable Source of All, who created All, knows All, and of whom I am apart. If I relax and let go of needing to know everything, of needing to control everything, then my whole Beingness will experience the wonder of Grace and Ease, that awaits every one of us, when we allow our Higher Self and our Spirit Councils to guide and direct us. They have a much broader, wider perspective than we do. We see only what is right in front of us, while they see all the way back to Source. So here I go, stepping forward in Faith, my face to the Sun! Will you join me?