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Rev. Joy Shuliana Sophia Sharanam : Minister of Metaphysics, Art Therapist, Visionary Artist, IET Master Instructor, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Instructor, UR Healer, Mystic & Shaman, member of Mentors of Love and Wisdom.

Greet All of Life from a Heart Connected to Spirit. Breathe The Light of Your Soul Into All That You Do. Infuse Your Life With Conscious Intentional Joy. Ignite the Spark of The Divine Sophia, Soul Wisdom. Radiant Heart GeoMythic Soul Daily Practices: Wonder; Awe; Appreciation; Gratitude; Connection; Approach Life with an Open Heart.

Below are my recommendations for Soul Level Living…..Give it a try!

A)“ Soul Glow” : Cultivating Joy and Heart Centeredness : Utilizing Meditation, Mantra, Movement. What works for you? If you are not sure, research different mantras and give them a try, or organically allow your body to move….it doesn’t have to look pretty….or try some yoga poses!

B) “Soul Flow” : Creative Play: Bringing Out The Inner Child or your Inner Passion. What types of activities bring out your playful side or cause you to jump for joy or laugh with abandon? Is it cooking a great meal with beautiful ingredients or writing a poem inspired by nature? Painting a dream world of your own imagination? indulge yourself in Creative Play, whatever it may be!

C) “Soul Slow” : Mindful & Intentional Living: Joyfully Exaggerated Slowness!! Joyful Self Care!! Whether it is morning rituals or taking extra care with daily routines, being mindful while you are doing them, whether that be slow walking of the dog and noticing the birds, or slow drinking and eating, savoring each mouthful and taste, or carefully organizing your workspace, find ways to slow down and be mindful of each task.

D) “Soul Grow” : Cultivating The Garden of Your Soul. This can be thru experiencing or even creating your own rituals and ceremonies, walking in Nature, taking classes, connecting to Spirit on a daily basis. Making connections is the key here, whether that is connecting to Source, the Angels, your Spirit Guides, nature, animals or people. Try to stay away from superficial or phony interactions. Limit or stay away from Social Media. Social Media becomes an addiction if you are not careful, and it will eat up your time and energy.

E) “Soul Let Go”: What things, issues, people, clutter, do you need to let go of? Some really Big Ones, are 1. to let go of the past. 2. Let go of all the mean things that were said to you, that you took on as your Truth, when in fact it is very far from being true! 3. Let go of your pain. Leave it in the past. Who do you want to be? Start the process of “Becoming”. You will need support through this process, so find your Tribe, take classes or talk with a Spiritual Mentor. Know that you always have a Team of Angels and Spirit Guides around you, guiding you and assisting you, so please remember to ask them for help.

My Bio:

* Studied Shamanism under Hank Wessleman, an Author and International Shaman. I learned Healing by working with animal, nature, and ancestral Spirit Guides. Also learned “Soul Retrieval” as a part of that, which is retrieving lost soul fragments that fracture off and leave us when we go thru trauma or hardships or addictions or any sense of “loss”.

*Ministerial Ordination, in Metaphysical Studies, from the University of Sedona. This means I can Marry, do Funerals, Give Counseling, teach Meditation, and hold New Thought Christianity Church Services (which combines having a Personal Mystical Relationship with God, putting on The Mind of Christ, with Metaphysical Science and Psychology. Affirmations are a Huge part of this Way of Thinking)

*Certified Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy©. I can do individual healing sessions, working with Angelic energies, “getting the issues out of the tissues” of the body, which tends to hold onto all kinds of stuck energy. This is similar in some ways to Reiki. I also offer classes in Healing with the Angels and Steps to Transformation.

*Certified Master Instructor of Usui Reiki and Karuna© Reiki. Energy Healing, working with Divine Consciousness/Universal Energy to facilitate healing on the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual levels.

*Certified Instructor of “The Masters Way” © program, which is three courses of Metaphysical/Spiritual Study, for the Soul’s Growth, assisting in the Path towards Ascension, assisting in releasing karma, providing Guidance and Activations from the 33 Ascended Masters. These courses are each a year long, and include Activations and Tools from Ascended Masters, journaling and intense Self Reflection. Course work Channeled by In’easa Mabu Ishtar. Her website is ishtarmasterchannel.com

*Universal Rays Healer. This Modality was Channeled by In’easa Many Ishtar, from The Ascended Masters, and brings down very high frequency plasma energy, thru the Universal Rays Consciousness, assisting in releasing and resolving any stuck karmic energy of beliefs and programs that no longer serve the Soul’s highest potential, and restoring balance and harmony on a Soul level.

*Magdalene Channel: Trained by In’easa Mabu Ishtar, in her Path of The One Heart School. The Magdalenes originally where a group of women who were trained by The Essenes, to Channel Wisdom from their Higher Selves and Divine Presence. This knowledge has been shared with Ishtar, from The Ascended Masters. Each session will be unique to the individual and their circumstances. The Channel included High Vibrations of Light and Love, to assist your soul with what is needed at this moment in time.

*Certified Art Therapist: For Individual sessions, conversing with the self through the universal language of Art, imagery, color, symbolism and metaphor, accessing the deepest parts of the self for healing, integration and well being.

“A Medicine Woman is not she who has never suffered, she who has never been broken. A Medicine Woman is she who does not uphold the denial of the world, but is a conduit for the Mystery of Beyond” – Lucy H. Pearce

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