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“Who are you, if you let go of your trauma and stories?“

This is a question I ask myself often. It is not a new question…..many others have asked this too. I have found, that it is one of the most valuable questions to ask.

Does it mean that I don’t get triggered? Of course I do. I am living this human experience, which brings with it so many illusions and forgetfulness.

However, if I am serious about moving out of the muck and mire that can bring down my vibrations, and serious about lifting my frequency, then I need to ask myself this question and connect more deeply with my Soul, with my Core Essence, with the Light Being that I am.

This doesn’t mean that I am ignoring the stories. It means I am looking at the core woundedness and asking what needs to be done to transform that, move that, release that.

It means that I re-focus myself on the Light. It means that I seek the Light even when at first all I see is darkness. Because when I choose to seek the Light, it comes. Light is a Living Essence, of The Universe, of Truth, of Me.

It means because I ask myself this, I have discovered, uncovered, re-remembered and connected more deeply with my soul, with my Higher Self and discovered the beauty and truth of who I am. It means I am dedicated to becoming more authentically me.