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Movement: Dance, Yoga or Any Way You Want!

I started learning Modern Dance as a youngster and fell in love with being able to sway or move in connection to music that stirred my Soul.

Living in NYC has the benefit of access to many cultural experiences. The Alvin Ailey Dance College has had for many years a Community Dance Program for kids, which I was so fortunate to experience as a young teen. I believe in the benefits of movement of any type, as most people will certainly agree.

Yoga is also a deeply wonderful addition to any Spiritual Practice and as an Adult I have taken classes in Kundalini Yoga, which I highly recommend!

Many years ago, I was introduced to Ancient Shakti Dance, which actually shares many of the same movements as Kundalini Yoga, except of course, you are moving as a dancer.

Ancient Shakti Dance (in the vernacular, “Belly Dance”….a very Hollywood Americanized term) when approached with a more Spiritual intent, can be similar to the Sufi Spiritual ecstatic trance dance, in that the dancer is seeking communion with the Spiritual Divine Energy of God. This is seen as very Sacred and as a Beautiful way of Honoring and embodying the energy of All of Creation.

“Shakti” or “power” or “empowerment”, the active Creation Force of Shiva, is The Primordial Cosmic Energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire Universe. This power is responsible for Creation. It’s qualities are Change and Liberation.

The dance has its roots in very ancient India, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Turkey, but has of course spread to most cultures, who each have their own Folk versions. There are many ancient depictions on wall art, of female dancers. And by the way, there are many male dances in other cultures who do this form of dance quite well, with of course a more masculine expression of certain movements.

In recent deep mediation, I was transported back to a Lifetime I had in Ancient Lemuria, where I was dancing to Honor Mother Earth. I have also had similar meditations transporting me to Ancient Egypt, where I danced in Honor of the Goddess Hathor. Often, things we are interested in, in this life, are things we have done in past lives.

Shakti Dance utilizes patterns of Sacred Geometry. The Circle, The figure 8, a Wave, A Spiral, and Vibrations.

By moving our bodies in these patterns, we awaken the Divine Feminine Creation Energy within us, on a cellular level.

Our Souls are an Active, Creative Hologram of Divinity.

You do not need any formal training, however, to move your body. Just move intuitively or in response to uplifting instrumental music (no words). All forms of movement when approached with an attitude of playfulness and creative expression, will create a sense of Well Being and Harmony.

No matter how you do it, just move your body and get your “Soul Glow” on!

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