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Letting Go, and Stepping forward, Face to The Sun!

Life…..Sometimes quite difficult and challenging, is it not? Sometimes quite Beautiful and Miraculous.

Given the slower pace of Life right now, due to world wide concerns over the Corona Virus, There has been much more Time.

Time for deep reflection, Time for deep Stillness. Time to consider what is truly important in life. Time for letting go. Letting go of old habits of mind, letting go of unnecessary Self Judgments, shedding what is no longer needful, leaving all that behind, like a discarded snake skin left on the path behind me, as I step slowly, yet purposefully forward. I am not completely sure of all the nuances of who this new me is, but I have my face turned toward the Sun and I embrace this process of Becomingness. Becoming more of “me” as I surrender to The Great Mystery, that unfathomable Source of All, who created All, knows All, and of whom I am apart. If I relax and let go of needing to know everything, of needing to control everything, then my whole Beingness will experience the wonder of Grace and Ease, that awaits every one of us, when we allow our Higher Self and our Spirit Councils to guide and direct us. They have a much broader, wider perspective than we do. We see only what is right in front of us, while they see all the way back to Source. So here I go, stepping forward in Faith, my face to the Sun! Will you join me?

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