00 “Universal Rays” Healing Session


The Universal Rays are 12 Light/Plasma Rays. Each Ray brings forth an energy or a consciousness of creation, that offers healing, and releasing of stuck karmic energy or beliefs and programs that no longer serve the Soul’s highest potential. These Rays are directed by a Council of Ascended Masters. You will also receive pranic energy support from Mother Earth and the Elemental Kingdoms. During the sessions you will also receive chakra clearing and a rebalancing of your meridians. You will feel clearer, more relaxed, and will have a greater ability to focus on your personal goals. You will learn more about your soul’s journey and purpose, and I will share details of your personal Soul Chart, or “energetic blueprint” of who you are, and of the specific energies that support you in this Life. Please email me once you have placed your order so that we can schedule a time for the session. The session will take place on Zoom. Email me at: cyanowl11@yahoo.com




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