“Path of Light” year long/Dec. 2020 Start


Please email me at cyanowl11@yahoo.com and we can set up payment options.
You will need to order a manual directly from Ishtar’s website: ishtarmasterchannel.com
(This will cost approximately $180 plus shipping)
This Course was Channeled and written by Ascended Master Channel, In’easa Mabu Ishtar. It is the first of three courses in her series entitled “The Master’s Way”. This course is one year, meeting 35 times and meets approximately 3 times a month. You will receive a custom Channeled Message from one of three Oversouling Masters who guide you in this Life. These will be shared with you, along with a huge manual containing Channeled Messages, Activations and knowledge from the 33 Ascended Masters. There will be weekly lessons, journaling and self reflection questions to assist you on your Path of Ascension. Email me at : cyanowl11@yahoo.com and we will work out Day And Time. Each class meeting is for 2 hours. Class is usually a Group, so check with me before purchase….if you have friends or family who would also like to take the course with you. They will also have to pay for themselves, the same amount.
During this course you learn how to work with the chakras, the energetic bodies, Resolving Karma, learning about Universal Laws, light rays of energy, the soul, the light body and much more.
How will it improve your life?

·         Create a deeper connection to your soul

·         Assist you to receive guidance more easily

·         Learn how energy flows and how you can create with it and much more

·         Open your unique gifts

·         Find techniques to release fear and limitations

·         Resolve parts of you that hold beliefs and patterns that do not serve you

·         Improve your relationship with others

·         Come into your mastery of self




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