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Path of Light course starting April 25, 2023

It’s never too early to start thinking about the next next step on your Spiritual Journey!

Part of your Self Care is taking the time to dive deeper into your Soul, connect with your Higher Self and spend time cleansing, clearing and manifesting your highest potential!

The Path of Light course is a wonderful support for all seekers on the path. It will assist you to cultivate and manifest your gifts and further your soul’s mission, removing what blocks or limits you.

The 33 Ascended Masters who brought this information and special Activations through the Channel of In’easa mabu Ishtar, will come to you and work with you, providing guidance and support for you on your path.

To find out more information, go to the Shop button and then click on “Path of Light” course.

Mark your calendar! Start date is April 25! 6:30-9:30pm EST

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