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“Co-Creating The New Earth” Series

Through deep meditation, I have received many visions of the infinite potentials of the on going creation of Mother Earth through the 9th dimension, as she dreams and co-creates with and of all the Elements and Elemental Beings of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether and even with humans who are in perfect harmony and balance within the energy systems and kingdoms of the Earth. I have created many works of Art and will continue to do so, as inspiration moves me, to show at least a glimpse of the infinite potentials that exist within and throughout the Universal Field of Cosmic Creation Energy.

Each work of Art in this series also includes an audio recording of a guided meditation, connecting with the Elements and Elemental Kingdoms, Gaia and other Earth Mothers and Universal Creation energies, opening to receive their inspiration, their life giving energies, and to connect more deeply with your own Soul’s potentials for growth and co-creation.

Here are just a few of the Artworks within this Series. Check them all out in my “Shop”.

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