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Art Therapy Sessions

Now offering Art Therapy sessions!

For anyone of any age, looking to deepen their connections to The Inner Self, their psyche, their soul, their deepest emotions, shadow aspects, wounded aspects, subconscious and unconscious mind.

Benefits of sessions include: Transforming negative thoughts, exploring one’s emotions, healing trauma, developing self esteem, self control, stronger identity, uncovering courage and passion for life. It is an alternative language and self expression when words are not adequate. It assists in relieving depression, anxiety, stress, and assists in maintaining better mental health. It has been shown to have positive affects for Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder, and addictions.

Sessions are one hour, and for the utmost benefits, it is suggested to commit to several sessions. No Art skills are required, as that is not the goal. We will of course discuss working with various different Art mediums, such as watercolor, pen, color pencils, markers, collage materials, etc. and utilizing a sketchbook/Journal.

$40 per session. Click on “Shop” link and select the Art Therapy button.

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“Embodied Quantum Field of Divine Love through The Heart Flame”

“ Embodied Quantum Field of Divine Love Through The Heart Flame”

This is what Christ Consciousness is. It is Anchoring the Original Patterns of Luminous Light through your Heart Temple, so that you become an Instrument of God on Earth. In Metaphysical terms, you are establishing a Quantum Field around your Heart, with the assistance of the Angels, your Spirit Team, and your Original Soul Self. Remember that Consciousness creates matter and reality. For example, dolphins and whales are 12th Dimensional Beings who hold the Holographic Crystalline Light Grid of Earth within themselves. They assist Humanity in holding this Light Grid. And so too are many other Angels and Elementals assisting with this. This is EXTREMELY Important at this Now Time on Earth, as we Shift into the 5th Dimension on a more permanent basis. Some on Earth have already been Shifting into 5D on an occasional basis, but now it is Time to Be Ready for a more permanent Shift of Consciousness. Connect with your Spirit Team and Highest Original Soul Self and ask for assistance in opening your Heart more fully, and anchoring the Love of God/Source through you into the Earth. As each Soul does this, it will benefit All of Humanity and All Sentient Beings, including the Earth and Elemental Kingdoms.

**Channeled Message from my Higher Self.

****11” x 14” Metal Print.

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“Who are you, if you let go of your trauma and stories?“

This is a question I ask myself often. It is not a new question…..many others have asked this too. I have found, that it is one of the most valuable questions to ask.

Does it mean that I don’t get triggered? Of course I do. I am living this human experience, which brings with it so many illusions and forgetfulness.

However, if I am serious about moving out of the muck and mire that can bring down my vibrations, and serious about lifting my frequency, then I need to ask myself this question and connect more deeply with my Soul, with my Core Essence, with the Light Being that I am.

This doesn’t mean that I am ignoring the stories. It means I am looking at the core woundedness and asking what needs to be done to transform that, move that, release that.

It means that I re-focus myself on the Light. It means that I seek the Light even when at first all I see is darkness. Because when I choose to seek the Light, it comes. Light is a Living Essence, of The Universe, of Truth, of Me.

It means because I ask myself this, I have discovered, uncovered, re-remembered and connected more deeply with my soul, with my Higher Self and discovered the beauty and truth of who I am. It means I am dedicated to becoming more authentically me.

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“Creation Flow Series”

Introducing the “Creation Flow Series”. Created with mash-ups of several Fractal Images that I created digitally. This was complete experimentation and I absolutely enjoyed creating all of them! There will be more coming in the future. I have decided to create them in sets of 9. Each will be available separately, but also 9 images together in one print. Here are the first 9: (visit the “shop” to purchase)

As One Print, All together:

Seperately: “Creation Flow” #1-9, in order from top left and across each row: