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Art Therapy Sessions

Now offering Art Therapy sessions!

For anyone of any age, looking to deepen their connections to The Inner Self, their psyche, their soul, their deepest emotions, shadow aspects, wounded aspects, subconscious and unconscious mind.

Benefits of sessions include: Transforming negative thoughts, exploring one’s emotions, healing trauma, developing self esteem, self control, stronger identity, uncovering courage and passion for life. It is an alternative language and self expression when words are not adequate. It assists in relieving depression, anxiety, stress, and assists in maintaining better mental health. It has been shown to have positive affects for Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder, and addictions.

Sessions are one hour, and for the utmost benefits, it is suggested to commit to several sessions. No Art skills are required, as that is not the goal. We will of course discuss working with various different Art mediums, such as watercolor, pen, color pencils, markers, collage materials, etc. and utilizing a sketchbook/Journal.

$40 per session. Click on “Shop” link and select the Art Therapy button.

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