“Integrated Energy Steps to Transformation” class


In the process of personal transformation,  everything you need is already within you. In this program you are metaphorically like a seed that has been planted in fertile soul,  watered and given lots of sunlight. Encoded within you are wonderful gifts of creativity and purpose. Angelic Energy,  focused by intent and sacred geometry,  is used to transform these gifts from potential into actualization ,  thru activating your 12 strand DNA,  clearing karma,  achieving forgiveness,  cutting cords of co-dependency,  Empowering your Heart,  and journeying to a future lifetime. Class meets 7 times,  for an hour and a half each time. Please email me after purchase and we will plan a day and time for class. Class can be individual or if you have friends and family who would like to take the class with you,  we can do a group. Please note that they would each need to purchase the class also. My email is :  cyanowl11@yahoo.com




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