“Healing with The Angels” class


Learn how to establish an Angelic Heartlink and connect deeply to 9 Angels who form the Healing Angel Grid around the Earth and assist all of Humanity to lift their vibrations,  heal and integrate Faith,  Forgiveness,  Empowerment,  Divine Direction,  Grattitude and Unconditional Love. The 9 Angels are:  Ariel,  Raphael,  Gabriel,  Celestina,  Faith,  Cassiel, Daniel,  Sarah and Michael. Class meets 9 times for an hour and a half each time. Downloadable workbook will be provided after purchase. Please email me so we can discuss days and times to meet. Class can be for an individual or a group if friends and family wish to take the class also,  but they will also need to purchase the class. My email is :  cyanowl11@yahoo.com





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